Autism Super Power HTV Transfer

Autism Super Power HTV Transfer

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This HTV design is printed from eco solvent ink and high-quality vinyl.  This can be applied to different types of material, light or dark.

Your transfer will come weeded unless I am having a sale.  I will do a quality check on every print before to make sure that you will not have any trouble weeding once you receive it.  Most likely they will come weeded, but I wanted to let you know that there is a possibility that it will not. :)  If you purchase more than one, I will only send one HTV masking transfer sheet that can be used more than once.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase more transfer mask, email me. 

With the design you will transfer your design onto a heat transfer mask and peel the backing off.  Make sure that you use HEAT transfer sheet.  

Instructions for application will be provided in each order.  

Preheat your heat press to 300 degrees. (I do not recommend an iron)

**HTV can be applied to cotton, polyester and polyester/cotton blends. **

Press your garment for 5-7 seconds to get all of the moisture and wrinkles out.  Link roll the garment to get all of the lint and debris off of it.  Press your garment in half to find the middle, it is easier to make sure that your design will be placed in the correct spot on the garment.  Fold the design at the top and the bottom to find the middle.  DO NOT CREASE the design.  Putting a crease in the design could potentially damage your design.  Align the crease on your garment with the crease on your design with the mask side up.  Press for 15 seconds with medium pressure and peel the mask off when it is still warm.  Place butcher paper or Teflon on top to cover your entire design and press again for 5 seconds.  Do not wash your garment for at least 24 hours.  

Washing instructions will be provided in packaging. Wash inside out in cold water.  Do not use fabric softener and hang to dry.  Do not dry clean your garment.